Soft drinks

Αφοσίωση στην ποιότητα, πείρα, ποικιλία και αξιοπιστία.

Brizz Cola

No. 1 preferred cola in the world with the bright red colour and familiar freshness, it has nothing to fear from other brands

Brizz Lemon Lime

A zesty product with the characteristic lemon-lime taste. Classic flavour, but always youthful.

Brizz Lemonade

Vibrant taste thanks to the high lemon juice content. The fizzy answer to grandma's lemonade.

Brizz Orange Soda

Orange soda from Greek oranges, with the classic refreshing taste

Brizz Cola Light

Zero sugar, zero calories, same taste, enjoyable cola!

Brizz Tonic

Fizzy tonic - essential for long summertime drinks

Apfel Spritz

Very refreshing beverage, popular in the North Europe, now in Greece. Try it!!!