Fruit juices

Αφοσίωση στην ποιότητα, πείρα, ποικιλία και αξιοπιστία.


Queen Oranges

"Pure orange taste". Without sugar, artificial sweeteners and colors


La Frutta Orange

diluted 1+5, the most economical option of the entire range. The ideal solution for those who want to combine low cost with quality.

100% Valencia orange with fruit cells Plus +

from Valencia oranges with all the properties and rich taste of natural juice with fruit pulp

100% Valencia orange without fruit cells Plus +

from Valencia oranges with a rich natural juice flavour suitable for post-mix dispensers

Orange with Pulp

quality from Greek orange varieties and fruit pulp

Other Tastes


The most distinctive forest fruits. Rich flavor and taste


Traditional Lemonade

We copied our grandmother’s  homemade recipe   that  used  to  cool down our childhood  summers !! Marvelous solution as  a  welcome drink, but also a key  ingredient in many cocktails.

Costa Rica Pineapple

One of the most juicy summer flavors, most suitable for breakfast buffet  and an essential ingredient for refreshing proposals in any bar. Try the  new  costa rica pineapple, an exotic fruit savor straight from its tropical homeland.



New proposal !! juice from pomegranate , the fruit with the distinctive crown , known to all for its beneficial antioxidant activity and high  vitamin  content.

The " ruby " juice with its rich color , is the new proposal for a renewal of  the buffet breakfast and not only.


Pink Grapefruit Premium

pink grapefruit variety concentrated 1+5 with a unique pink colour and pleasant aroma

Grapefruit Billia Classic

many consider it the ideal breakfast juice, tangy and subtly bitter with a unique aroma


one of the most popular flavours preferred by most Europeans, served at all buffets


Green Tea with mastiha flavour

Welcome your guests with a taste of  Greece !!!Uniquely refreshing combination : an exclusively Greek product : mastic from Chios in perfect balance with an extract of green tea and natural  lemon flavor .Take advantage of  this unique original taste. Serve iced at the spa area, the pool or  the lounge-bar.

Multivitamin (B,C,E) Drink

orange, pineapple, mango & apricot in perfect balance, fortified with vitamins B, C and E - kids’ favourite

Sour Cherry

The red solution for every buffet with loyal fans for this particular selection

Tea with Lemon

tasty, refreshing and low-calorie. Established as the most popular choice for any time of day and for all ages.


Mediterranean flavour loved by young and old


The second 'red' option, a frequent ingredient in summer cocktails & fruit punch

Children's Zoobie fruit drink

4 fruits, enriched with vitamins, without artificial sweeteners, ideal for children 

Breakfast Lemon

lemon juice suitable as a breakfast beverage

'Lemon Chef' Lemon Juice for the Kitchen

lemon dressing made from Greek lemons with many uses in cooking, essential for any sauce