Dedication to quality, experience, variety and reliability.

Fruit Juices

Concentrated fruit juices in a variety of flavors and fruit drinks for every hotel and mass foodservice unit. Products with storage and final cost benefits which cover every quality requirement.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks of guaranteed quality, in a bag,in all flavors. Served only with post-mix dispensers, available from our company.

Syrups and Bar Mixes

Some of the most famous cocktails, such as tequila sunrise, margarita, kiwi martini, blue lagoon require specific ingredients, essential for every barman

Service and Support

We are in constant contact with our customers to provide both information and technical support. Speedy and reliable supply of our network and a team of technicians based throughout Greece to respond quickly to any need.

Quality Certifications

The strategy of investing in human resources and their continuing training, along with detailed records, documentation and certification, results in achieving our goal of absolute trustworthiness.