Reliability, quality, certification

State-of-the-art facilities

The Billia S.A. facilities in the Lakkoma-Halkidiki industrial zone are currently among the most modern and advanced production and concentrate storage facilities in Greece.

Receipt-control and storage of raw materials

Certified raw materials and packing materials are received in special storage areas and regularly undergo a five-point check to verify consistency with strict specifications to ensure suitability and to eliminate contamination.

These activities take place in an area totalling 1.2 hectares with covered spaces of 2,000 m2. Production areas are fitted with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and comply with the strictest industrial practices during all phases. Our warehouses are similarly structured, with functional and reliable logistics systems.


We follow a four-stage flow chart where each stage is equally important to the excellence of the result and guarantees quality through complete control and daily documentation, in accordance with best food hygiene practice guidelines.

Quality control

No product is packaged unless laboratory testing certification is completed by an experience technician and production chemist, in terms of both biochemical and physiochemical specifications. Periodic verification is also conducted by an affiliated external certified laboratory.


A separate area with three bottling lines for complete separation of packaging enables filling of PET, glass bottles and bag-in-box containers using the respective control software.

Palletising - storage

Following the automatic palletising stage, the packaged products are transferred to warehouses with special pallet stacking spaces with a total capacity of 150 tons.


Daily deliveries throughout Greece are made with the help of private means in neighbouring prefectures and affiliated road transport agents in the rest of Greece.