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Quality – Certification

The strategy of investment in human resources and continuous education, along with a detailed recording, documentation and certification lead to the goal of reliability.

The company- under good industrial and hygiene practices- ensures the safety of products manufactured, aims not only of consumer satisfaction but also health protection.

With strict production processes, the company produces, packs and distributes safe products free from microbiological, physical and chemical hazards. From 1999 to date the company is being certified by Lloyd's Register as per HACCP annually.

Finally, the company is regularly inspected by the Hellenic Food Authority.

Corporate Responsibility - Environmental policy

Regarding its environmental policy, the company's concerns came into effect before adoption by the respective state laws.

In 2006 the company participated in the first environmental contest in Chalkidiki, which concerned only businesses using environmentally friendly processes for the manufacture of their products. (Community program LIFE, certified green drachma).

According to the EU directive 94/62 / EC of 1994, the company proceeded in cooperation with the Greek recycling company, regarding the payment of "green" tax for packaging placed on consumption. (pdf HERRCO)

The company uses only packaging materials which are 100% recyclable.

It also completed the operation of equipment for the management of paper and plastic waste in its manufacturing plant, aiming at their full potential. 

Additionally the company continuously refreshes its environmental terms by the Ministry of Industry, in order to harmonize with the current legislation.